Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Dorm- My take on the movie

What would you give to become anyone else but you? 

The Dorm addresses this serious issue faced by girls who suffer from inferiority complexes. The movie answers this question in one way and then doesn't towards the end when the story finally unravels.
The story begins with socially inept Vivian, starting college and hoping for a fresh start after attempting suicide. 

Her wish is granted and she is quickly inducted into a close knit group of friends. As in all horror movies, she is warned by a classmate to steer away from her newfound friends.

Does our protagonist heed the warning?

Of course not; it's a horror movie and she is bound to be led astray by wolf in sheep clothing before she unmasks them.

Vivian quickly dismisses the girl who, poor thing, ends up dead soon after. Our protagonist continues to live in delusion and even goes on a special diet of red tea prescribed by her friends.
It isn't until next morning when she peels away her flawed skin and reveals a blemish free one that we as the audience are suddenly piqued. Something wicked is afoot, clearly.

Vivian starts hearing voices, her boyfriend seems obsessed with the girl who was living in her dorm room and her body makes a remarkable and strange transformation. 
It is when another classmate calls her Violet- the name of the former dorm room resident- that Vivian gains suspicions about what is really going on. 

Towards the end, she is faced with a tough choice and it is heartbreaking to see the one she makes. 
The film's story brings to light a very important issue- and that is how we see ourselves. Is it always about what we think about our appearance or how society perceives us?

There have been many posts and advice given by celebrities and our idols on how we must learn to appreciate the way we are and then body we have, bit when it comes down to making a choice and being granted a wish to be whomever we could be but us, would we really choose the real us?
If we could be any celebrity, have their body and features, would we be ready to forgo ourselves? 
We keep telling ourselves that we are happy with who we are, but we can only know that for sure when we are given a choice and choose ourselves over all superficiality.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fascination with horror movies

My fascination with horror continues! 
I've been watching tons of horror movies-some titles I've never even heard of- and found some really good ones in the mix. While there have been some produced by big banners and boasting of well-known celebrities, I have to say that they weren't exactly exemplary. In fact, they were quite forgettable. 
I'm trying to find some really creepy movies so I can draw inspiration from them and write my next horror novel. 
Can't wait to dive into writing again! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Where's the romance?

While working on my first attempt of a romance novel, I came to
realize that love can have so many meanings and it is all because of
the way we perceive emotions.
A generous desired gift can mean love to some or a subtle smile or
kind gesture can mean an act of love. While what we feel can be
explained by science and chemicals and hormones, the truth is that we
don't all react similarly.
What is love? It's a question I've posed in my new book and one I
sought out to answer throughout the course of the story.
Eventually what I had to struggle with was another mind-boggling
question: how do we fall in love?
What we call love is one part attraction to physical appearances and
one part reaction to our personal needs that include settling down and
having a family. Living alone till our old age must be what scares us
into subconsciously choosing a partner for us.
Or is it? Are we forcing ourselves to fall in love so we can satisfy
our insecurities?
Perhaps there is something called love if there have been movies and
books of characters sacrificing their love for someone. Otherwise what
could these tragic characters gain from falling in love with the
The first romantic movie I remember watching was 'Titanic' and it was
the first time I felt like something as pure as love could exist. Jack
would do anything for Rose and she was ready to give up her only
chance to escape a catastrophic event just so she could be with her
love. I remember being in tears as the lifeboat was lowered and Jack
watched Rose, knowing that he was going to die but relieved that she
would live on. I almost screamed at Rose for ditching Jack and when
she jumped back in, I clapped with joy.
My happiness was short lived when I saw the ending. Jack gave up his
life for Rose and a way with memories of love.
Then there have been the classics of Romeo and Juliet and Heer and
Ranjha: all these lovers have been perished by the evil and prejudice
of society leaving us just with this thought: love is risky.
Throughout the years, all love stories have contained some amount of
heartbreak and now these stories are about primitive desires: The
heroine at first dislikes the hero who practically manhandles her, and
later she forms a bond with him. The next few chapters until the end
is all about the heroine's insecurity on whether or not the hero finds
her desirable enough. And yes, in the end our previously misunderstood
hero reveals that yes, he loved her from the very first time he set
his sight on her.
These stories always make me wonder, was it really a love story I read
or one which promotes the abuse of women.
Of course there have been stories of strong women and their arduous
journey to finding true love, but those are never celebrated and thus
women readers are led to believe that love is when a man treats you
shabbily because deep inside he does care for you and his sentiments
will be revealed at the very end. The question is, at the end of what?
The end of life, the end of the day when he's done being abusive?
I look down upon those stories that portray women as damsels and men
as towering tyrants tied together by a story bordering on sexism.
That is why writing a romance has been a challenge for me. I know the
preferred market is for such stories, but I've always created strong
female characters and men who are equals. Compromising on my beliefs
would be something I would not be proud of.
As I set about working on my new novel, I'm hoping I show the
complexities of love rather than the tragedy or sexism of it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Road less traveled

It's not easy to follow a path that has been condemned by those close to you. As your journey leads your further, you encounter a dilemma when the road splits into many directions. Going back is the safest option, but taking a step forward is an act of courage that is deemed foolish by those who have shied away from taking chances- or those who are just cynical. Finding your way is the hardest part in the intricate pattern of life because we must not only deal with our own inner conflicts, aka the voices of reason in our head, but also deal with people who would do anything to hold us back. Some don't want you to get hurt and others just don't want you to taste success. In the end , it is the choices we make but that fork in the road doesn't help us make a quick decision. There are just too many possibilities; things cannot just go simply right or wrong- they could even work out in the initial stages and then end in disastrous results. Or things could fail immediately and devastatingly and it could require a great deal of patience and time for success to finally emerge out of troubled waters. And that success too could be moderate and underwhelming. The safest choice is always the coward's choice and that is to do absolutely nothing. It is better not to take a chance and risk everything and instead live in a nest of unrealized dreams. Except of course, dreams are born to be realized and they are meant to be fought for. Years from now, those suppressed dreams will flutter its wings and evoke deep pangs of guilt for not letting it fly. The chance to walk on roads that lead to dreams and destiny will not always be walkable or open. Then even when it's the scariest thing to do, taking trg road less traveled by others will become the road that awakens and gives wings to your dreams. The only thing left to do is to pluck up the courage and walk those roads now.

Monday, September 7, 2015


For writers, creativity is usually on strike causing days and weeks to go by without a single word typed on a page.
A writer is inherently creative but in order for that creativity to flow and function as an articulate piece, motivation is keenly desired and required.
Writing can seem like a tedious task without motivation and it's not easy for the writer to deal with a creativity block.
So why do writers sometimes suffer from lack of motivation? 
Well, most of it has to do with how well their previous writing pieces or books have been received by their audience. If they've made good sales on their books or appreciated for their hard work, they will jump back into writing their next masterpiece.

A negative review or a lack of response to their articles and posts will discourage the writer and they will be disinclined to return to their writing.
Other times , receiving feedback in no way impacts the writer's motivation. Sometimes it's a dry spell the writer inadvertently goes through between writing books. They've just finished working on a lengthy compelling novel and can't shake off the euphoric feeling that arises from the satisfaction of creating such a surreal world - one that they are in no hurry to give up on yet. Then, working on a completely different story and genre may not seem too appealing to the writer who has just written such brillinatly well-etched characters living a story that thrusts important lessons to be learned in their lives.
A reason for demotivation also stems from good ol' creative block in which the writer stumbles into a plot that can't be easily written or solved to take the story forward. Thinking a way out of that quagmire of a plot point may seem impossible or tiresome.
What puts the wheels of motivation back on the roads?
For me it's meeting deadlines. Or I create one for myself. Giving myself just a few days to complete my work pressurizes my creative juices into flowing again since I'm a stickler for completing and submitting my work on time. Sometimes even before the stipulated deadline.
For instance, my laptop broke down just as I was about to go on vacation and right when I was in the middle of my newest romantic thriller. Knowing that a month would pass by without any writing getting done while I'm holidaying, and the fact that I ran the risk of losing interest in the story, I set a strict timetable for myself. I forced myself to write a whole chapter everyday- most of which was typed on the notes feature of my phone!
I managed to complete my manuscript just a day before I was due to fly out. Being pressed for time and scaring myself for losing out on a potentially good story, worked and I was able to complete my work. 
And that is motivation for me! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015