Saturday, September 6, 2014

Daughtry - September (you know, since it's September)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holiday Mood

I'm on a holiday at the moment but still busy promoting my new Horror novel 'Aadita' (ebook). Buy! Buy! Buy! (Aadita published by Wings ePress)

I was looking at some photo albums from my childhood and thinking about how I didn't mind having my picture taken at all. Now, I run whenever someone points a phone at me :P
It also got me thinking about how if I had this kind of behavior and opinion when taking those photographs then, I wouldn't have gotten to relive those memories now.
As I sit with those albums, I remember nothing of a particular memory and I am so glad I can see all those people who are no longer in my life just one more time. At that time I may not have thought about how I would never get to spend any time with my grandparents, but I surely do now. How I wish I could travel back in time and spend one day with all of my grandparents. Miss them all! <3

If it weren't for photographs I would have never known that they had held me in their arms or laughed with me, played with me or fed me.
Now I know. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Aadita- what it means

A lot of people have been asking me about what the meaning of the title of my new book ‘Aadita’ is. Well, Aadita is a name of a girl that in Sanskrit means from the beginning. She is the protagonist of my story whose actions influences the life of another character in the book- Raina.

I must admit the character wasn’t initially named Aadita but while working on a title to give my story, I wanted to find something that would reflect the tone of the book. When I found what I was looking for, I loved the name so much that I changed the protagonist’s name.

Aadita had to be thus named because she’s the one who inflicts the curse on her family that traverses to generations until Raina is born and is the only one who possesses the strength to break it. Why is she chosen to break the curse and what is the curse actually- well read the book! The truth behind the curse and Aadita’s real intentions are only revealed in the dramatic and cathartic climax.

 I have to add that it was the most difficult and challenging chapter I have ever written and don’t think I could ever write something so overwhelming again.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Behind the story- AADITA

While writing about my new book ‘AADITA’ that has just been released, I started to reminisce about the first story I had written- ‘Repeated Lives’. I don’t know what reminded me of it, but I did start thinking about the joyous experience I had writing Talia’s story in Repeated Lives.
She was a girl who had everything, or so she thought. She wasn’t aware of her destiny or how her life was going to change. The things that happened when she relived her life were bound to happen in the previous one, only she didn’t know that. She was living in blissful ignorance that created an illusion of her ideal life.
When she relived her life, she had to face harsh truths earlier in her life and realize her powers could affect peoples’ destinies in various ways. The ‘what if I could have done things differently’ was explored in this story and it was a learning experience for me too, although I hadn’t know it then.
No matter what, you cannot change your destiny.
Aadita is by no means a happy tale. It is based on numerous bullying incidents and cases of emotional abuse. Even though this story is fiction, I couldn't write an ending where everything magically turns in the character’s favor.
The main character- Raina- faces a lot of hardships until she reaches a breaking point, but she does have the strength to stop herself from going overboard. I won’t give away too much of the story, but what I will have to admit is that this is one of the toughest story I had write.
 It took me close to three years to work on this because at one point I was ready to scrap it as it had become too emotionally unsettling for me. I hated writing a few parts but forced myself to as the story demanded I show integrity. I owed my characters to give them a logical and realistic ending.
Unlike my other stories, this one does not have a crazy twist no one can guess. Alright there may be a tiny bit of surprise factor in it- It is a paranormal mystery after all. This is a story with many elements in it. There’s romance, mystery, horror and drama.
And like real life where one must deal with all these things- sometimes at the same time- my character Raina has to as well. At her lowest point, she finds that on top of everything she must deal a ghost that seems intent on hurting her.
When she finds out why, Raina has a difficult decision to make in the end- another chapter that I had much difficulty writing. It was one of those complexities in a plot that requires a plausible ending and that was exhausting.
This story gave me many sleepless nights as I tried to work on how to write it. This was going to be my first novel- length book and it had to be good. The one thing that kept me working on this was because I had started to sympathize with Raina and I can only hope the readers do as well.
So here it is…. Buy the book and read all about Raina and how she solves the mystery while dealing with a bully as well.

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