Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don't Blink- My take

Don't blink! Don't! On second thoughts, shut your eyes and go to sleep. 
This is one of those movies which reminds me of one of the titles of Shakespeare's plays- Much Ado about Nothing. 
The story is this- a group of friends embark on a trip to a lodge. Some of the characters hVe a history with each other and secrets, but this is never explored in the movie. The characters remain as one dimensional as they can. 
Here's the only interesting part in the movie- when the friends arrive they find the lodge abandoned. In fact it's pretty much a ghost town where they are. No birds, insects or animals and definitely no humans. 
The friends are dumbstruck but decide to stay anyway because all of their cars have run out of gas. Yes, none of them thought to carry petrol canisters on a road trip to nowhere. 
Two of the friends decide that the lack of life in this lodge is too bizarre and decides to leave, but is stopped by the apparent leader of the group who rationalizes that it would be better to stay where there is food and water rather than be stranded in the middle of the road- since they only have a culmination of that much gas. 
Logic fail! Clearly it's better to stay in a lodge where there is a potential killer on the loose rather than away from this creepy place? 
Anyway, the friends stay and start disappearing one by one. A boyfriend loses his pregnant girlfriend and immediately hits on his friend. He must really love her, NOT! 
Toward the end, only two friends remain and decide that they shouldn't blink or else they too will be taken away. And then in the last scene, everyone disappears. Why? No one will ever know. 
Now here's the thing: when did the characters decide that blinking was what was causing the friends to disappear. So was no one blinking at all in the movie? 
In a blink of an eye, everyone was disappearing without warning, yet someone found the time to leave messages in blood- 'help me' and 'don't blink'. The strange part was why leave those messages under the sink and on a single bedroom mirror? Why not write on the front door of the lodge: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!
That would work. 
Also in the end, when the girl thinks she's safe because the police and ambulance have come, why do they all disappear at once? Everyone blinked at the same time? 
Let's just say that by the time the movie ended I was rolling my eyes a lot and yes, blinking- a LOT! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Reluctant Vacationer

There’s nothing like going on vacation, clearing your head, doing tons of reading and surrounding yourself by inspirational scenery. That’s what a vacation should be for a writer- to relax the mind and rejuvenate and replenish the creative juices.
My vacation came at a time when I had just gotten my new ebook ‘Aadita’ published and while I was working on the thrilling climax of my “all-out” horror story. I told myself to finish the horror story right before the start of the holiday and pushed myself to work on a chapter every day. I also succeeded in disciplining myself and then right before I was to depart, my mind shut down because I had exhausted myself.
I still hoped that I would continue my strict regimen of writing every day, but the second I stepped into another country, my brain shut down the part that would help me speak coherent sentences. For days I struggled with talking normally. Was it jetlag? Probably! I’m guessing it also had a lot to do with me forcing myself to write relentlessly every day until my brain decided to revolt at the most inconvenient time.

I tried working on my chapters but they would no doubt have to be written again. Now that I am at the last two of my pre-planned chapters, I cannot take a risk with my lethargic mind. These chapters have to be amazing or the tone of the whole story would go awry and ruin all my hard work.
Going back to my vacation…I decided to do what I was reluctant to- I let myself relax and have a little fun. It’s not every day I would get to travel and see new places and try exotic food. So, I packed away my laptop and let myself go with the flow. I missed writing and working on my story so much, but since my mind had decided to act as a disgruntled employee, I let it have its vacation time and decided not to pressurize myself.

Two weeks passed by and I still hadn’t written a decent chapter. The itch to write and to finish my story returned and this time I felt compelled to return my fingers to the keyboard. The story would still not flow properly- my mind refusing to give up on its free time. I packed away my laptop again and did what I did on every single of my vacations- read!

I can’t remember the number of novels and novellas I finished in two weeks. Binge- reading is the best. My mind never felt relaxed and challenged at the same time. Ideas started to pour in my mind though none of them would fit into my horror story.

Then it was time to go and though I felt the pinch of not giving enough time to write my story, I comforted myself by reminding the time I spent on promoting my new ebook ‘Aadita’. I boarded the plane, relishing the fact that I would get back into my writing regime again. Those days I spent before my vacation working on my chapters had been so exciting.

But then guess what? My mind decided that it needed some time to recuperate from the hours I had spent travelling back home.

I did force myself to write a few paragraphs and it came out, well decent if anything. I’m also out of horror ideas so I have to get back to watching horror movies to trigger off my creative machine. In the meantime, I have my ebook ‘Aadita’ to promote (Buy! Buy! Buy! From Amazon  Smashwords or B&N) and to write on my blog.

Now off to read some ghost stories on the internet. 

A Writer's Complaint

I hate it when some movies don't have a logical ending or even an ending for that matter!
Every story should have a beginning, middle and ending. Not just the beginning. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holiday Mood

I'm on a holiday at the moment but still busy promoting my new Horror novel 'Aadita' (ebook). Buy! Buy! Buy! (Aadita published by Wings ePress)

I was looking at some photo albums from my childhood and thinking about how I didn't mind having my picture taken at all. Now, I run whenever someone points a phone at me :P
It also got me thinking about how if I had this kind of behavior and opinion when taking those photographs then, I wouldn't have gotten to relive those memories now.
As I sit with those albums, I remember nothing of a particular memory and I am so glad I can see all those people who are no longer in my life just one more time. At that time I may not have thought about how I would never get to spend any time with my grandparents, but I surely do now. How I wish I could travel back in time and spend one day with all of my grandparents. Miss them all! <3

If it weren't for photographs I would have never known that they had held me in their arms or laughed with me, played with me or fed me.
Now I know.